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A million ways to make ends meet…

In my search for job satisfaction I have followed many paths.
I have worked as a make-up artist, a vestibular audiologist, a sales person at a resale shop, a high-school chemistry teacher, managed a high-end skincare line, even written reviews of the theater.
My current incarnation is as painter and galerist.

My interest in everything (for a while, anyway) is a sequelae of my sun sign, that of  Gemini, the twins. For a long time, I have tangoed with the duality of life – who I thought I should be and who I wanted to be when the sun went down.  As I grow older these two beings have begun to coalesce…


…and it becomes more and more clear that the only constant is that the only choice is action.  One can choose to do, or choose to not to do. Choosing to act, to use your voice is often the only recourse we have in a world which is essentially unjust, favoring those who have the largest egos and the least compassion and empathy.

You can take pleasure in things others may dismiss as whimsy and make-up the details as one goes along, always paying respect to the fact that reality is always relative to your particular state of mind and to your host of life experiences.

Why I paint?

I paint because this act of creation pleases me more than any other thing. My appreciation of color is I think, evident. Every attempt is made to provoke, sometimes rather lustily, sometimes, if rarely, in a restrained manner, but always with a remarkable respect for the powerful emotive qualities of color.

The allure of my imagined portraits are the secrets the subjects they try to hide, but which are ultimately revealed with a coded gesture, a sweeping gaze. The moment, the big reveal is immortalized in technicolor in my mind, viore the welcome page of this website.

What inspires me?

I am inspired by Picasso, Matisse and Monet. Egon Schiele, Raoul Dufy. Transvestites, vices, the bright colors of pop art. Post-impressionism, expressionism. Flowers and people laid out for their long repose.

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